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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Linen wedding albums

We make a range of traditional wedding album with matching drop back boxes.
The pictures below are of some of our linen range.
Each album comes in a matching linen drop back box. Perfect for storing and presenting your album.
Both album and box can be personalised with gold, solver, black or blind { no colour} lettering.
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 Antique white linen with gold lettering in Devon type face

Detail of spine. Album and box covered in oatmeal linen
Grey fleck linen album and box with silver lettering
 Smooth linen in Stone with gold lettering
 Grey fleck linen album and box with silver lettering
 Smooth linen in Ivory album wand box with gold lettering
 Page of album with glassine tissue divider
 Oatmeal linen album and box
 Oatmeal linen album and box with black lettering
 Smooth linen Ivory with silver lettering
 Antique white linen album with gold lettering
  Smooth linen Ivory with gold lettering
   Smooth linen Ivory with gold lettering

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Chiyogami Paper

Chiyogami patterns were inspired from Kimono patterns and first made by Japanese Paper-Makers in the 20th century. With a decline in the manufacture of Kimonos, the old cloth printing studios began applying their patterns to paper. Originally printed by woodblock and used to make paper dolls and other home decorations, Chiyogami is still silkscreened by hand using a mixture of kozo and sulphite. These patterns blended with the existing woodblock-printed Chiyogami tradition to create a newer, wider range of paper patterns that now also included gold. 
Known for beautiful, vibrant and striking colours, many of today's Chiyogami patterns are based on traditional Japanese designs with symbols that represent beauty, good fortune and long life. These patterns include flowers, trees, animals and geometric shapes. Flowering plum trees, pine leaves, clover, bamboo, violets, butterflies, stripes and parasol shapes are among the traditional designs that are still very popular today.
Chiyogami can be used for a wide variety of art and craft projects. It is a favorite choice for Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Cranes, boats and many other shapes and objects are exquisitely beautiful when made with Chiyogami. Japanese paper has inspired many wedding invitation designs and used to line envelopes. Today we see book covers, greeting cards, scrapbook pages, collages, picture mats and lampshades all made with Chiyogami. Due to its strength and durability Chiyogami is ideal for covering all kinds of common household objects, such as picture frames, boxes, tins and light switch covers.
All Chiyogami Paper  is still silk-screened by hand. It's a laborious process, with each pattern requiring a separate screen that needs to be hand-registered for each color layer. 

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We have been playing around with this beautiful paper and have been commissioned by a few people to line print boxes with it. We think it looks great.