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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Print boxes / Keep sake Boxes / Drop back Boxes / memory boxes


We make lots of drop back boxes. Useful for so many different things including storing antiquarian books and photographic prints, as well as hiding paperwork or your kindle.

I love boxes..... I can spy them a mile off. I am drawn to ones covered in unusual papers. They can be beautiful objects as well as useful.

All our boxes are made to order. The fit is very important. An antiquarian book must not be able to rattle around in its box or be so squashed that its boards bow and headcaps are damaged.

Some boxes need to be of archival quality using acid neutral paper as lining. Others can be more flamboyant. I love it when you open up a drop back box to be hit by a vibrant moiré silk or marbled paper. --- A secret revealed ---

We make a lot of print boxes. for limited editions photographic prints and artists prints.
The images can be individually mounted with overlay mounts. Apertures can be bespoke sizes to get the perfect fit. We then make the solander box / print box to fit the mounted images.

Print box to fit mounted photographs are great for both presentation and storage. These can be made to any size and depth

Black overlay mounts with bevelled aperture to hold an 8x6" photos.

These boxes can be covered in many different materials.
Below is a print box to hold 10x12 prints covered in black Buckram cloth on the walls  and
Quinelle Nubuk for the case and linings.

Below is a print box to hold 5x7" prints stacked on their sides, covered in oatmeal linen with decorative ribbon ties

Below is a print box to hold  mounts with 2 x 4x6" apertures.
The box is covered in a grey fleck linen

Bespoke print boxes to hold 5x7" prints covered in a linen, hint of green.
 Black Buckram print box to hold mounts with 6x8" apertures
 Below is a print box covered in linen blush to hold mounts with 8x6" prints

Decorative leather solander boxes for architectural photographs. Rounded spines in Morocco goatskin leather and green Buckram sides. Green leather labels with gold tooling, Full gilt spines
Have  a look at for prices of popular sizes and aperture mounts. More examples at

Decoratively lined print boxes made to order
Taupe Xion cloth covered Print box lined in our unique passion flower decorative paper.
Ivory with old gold printed design.

 Detail of decorative linings

 Black Xion cloth covered presentation print box lined in our unique passion flower decorative paper. Black with old gold design

 Detail of decorative linings
 Chiyogami lined print box covered in oatmeal linen cloth

Print box with bespoke two wells. Bound in grey Dubletta cloth. Flip lid
 Print box with flip lid and compartments to hold matching CD folio and USB stick. Bound in grey Xion cloth

Print box with flip lid to fit 5x7" prints and a USB stick. Bound in cream linen

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