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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Decorative presentation box -

Making of a drop back box
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Box making step 4

After the case has been made the gold and blind decoration and lettering was put on before attaching the case to the trays.
The box was then lined in a tan suedel.

box making step 3

Once the trays and spine piece have been made the leather is then cut to shape and dyed to the required colour before the case is made.
The leather is shaped around the spine and raised bands before being turned in around the case

Box making - next step

The next stage is the make a spine piece for the case.
As this box is going to have a rounded spine we need to make up a spine strip with mill board and then shape it using a spoke shave and sandpaper.
After we have achieved the required shape we then covered the spine in handmade paper and then put strips of leather on top to create the raised bands

Making a leather storage box

A customer had asked me to keep a photo diary of the making of his presentation box so I thought I would put it up on our blog for all to see.

We always start with the inside measurements. ie the dimensions of the object or objects that are to be stored. In this case they were a series of mounted photographs.

Then the inside tray is constructed using double thickness grey board { 6mm thick} and staggered joints in the corners for extra strenght. The outer tray is then made to fit the inner and then they are both covered in cloth or paper.
In this instance we have used a handmade marbled paper.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

May 2011 Wedding album season

May has arrived and this year we have been really busy producing wedding albums and matching boxes.
I have just had a small heart made up by our block makers so we will soon be able to offer a gold or silver embossed heart on the front covers as well as the personalisation of names.
We have also recently been asked to make up a wedding album with a sunken panel on the front to hold a beautiful cross stitch design of the wedding couple.{ pictured above} We are always keen to try and bring customers ideas and designs to life making their books and albums truly bespoke.