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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Portfolio style wedding albums

We are always being asked to develop an album that can hold  a bespoke number of pages so we have come up with our portfolio / pillar binding album.
The pages are made up of individual card sheets with cloth joints so that they are able to flex and bend to help with the opening of the albums. It also means that we are able to build each album with different amounts of pages as require.

As we make to order the albums can be covered in a variety of different finishes. The pictures below are of a Damson Tsarina crush silk album with 20 black pages.
We are also able to emboss names, dates and company logos in gold, silver or blind embossed.

The pages and albums are held together with brass pillar screws which allow you to take pages out or swap them around once the album has been made.

The page size of the above album is 280mm height x 275mm width but other sizes are available.
We recommend using photo mounts
Double sided archival tape or photo spray to attach your photos.

We are also able to make matching storage boxes / drop back boxes for your albums.

If you need any more information contact us on

 Ivory Tsarina crush silk and Midnight blue Tsarina crush silk portfolios both with 10 cream leaves

Ivory silk portfolio album open

We are also able to get photo frame mounts to fit over the photos.

midnight blue with blue grey ribbon

                                            Ivory silk with ivory ribbon