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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Box making

Box making in photos

we always start from the inside and work our way out so the first thing we do is the measure the book, or in this case, large mounted photographs that we are making it for.

The trays {walls of the box} are made from 3mm interlocking greyboard

They are then covered in cloth or marbled paper

 The rounded spine is made up from millboard and then rounded using a spokeshave
 The rounded spine is then covered with paper and the leather false raised bands are then added
 The leather is then cut to size and pared thin
The spine is then covered with leather and the boards are covered with cloth

 The trays are the attached to the case and then we can do the gold lettering and tooling

 This box is lined in ivory moire silk

Monday, 14 November 2011

chiyogami decorative paper


Decorative Japanese papers

Japan has a long history of producing richly patterned decorative papers. Chiyogami papers are the best known decorative papers and have their origins far back in Japanese history and culture.

Originally printed from woodblocks, Chiyogami papers history is rooted in the old printing and book illustrations of the Edo period. The patterns are closely linked to textile designs found on silk kimonos.
 Nowadays the designs are screen printed by hand, using pigment based inks and a separate screen for each colour.The design is built up with each colour laid down individually.

The most common uses for these papers are bookbinding, origami, box making, collage and card making, covering furniture and even walls.

 Japanese Chiyogami decorative paper

Albums and print boxes made using chiyogami decorative papers

12 x 12" album 

9 x 9" print box covered in linen with chiyogami lining

12 x 12" album
More examples at