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Friday, 5 April 2019

Antiquarian books

Just thought I would share with people the kind of books we get in for a bit of TLC.
Looking around the bindery I found this pile of lovely looking books and thought it would be a little snap shot of what we deal with in the bindery on a weekly / monthly basis.
We restore antiquarian leather and cloth books as well as make clamshell storage boxes for the really special editions.
Some books just need a little clean while others are here to be restored and /or boxed.

Our clamshell storage boxes are handmade using double thickness boards with interlocking corners for strength and rigidity. Covered in a multitude of different fabrics or leathers we can produce a box to suit any book or occasion be it for storage purposes or a presentation evening. 
Below is a little video of a little cloth covered storage box for some rather lovely poetry books by Gustav Regler. Printed and bound in Mexico in 1943. illustrated by Alice Paalen and Louise Vogeler-Regler. One is signed by Regler and Paalen and is copy number 12 of 50. The pair of books also come with a photograph of Regler at a dinner party.......... I love a bit of history

We can also make storage boxes to look like leather bound books. These can stand on your library bookshelf and echo the look of book it is protecting. No more horrid, ugly storage solutions.

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